BLACKWATER BLUES, a Murder/Mystery Series

Corin Nemec is an Emmy nominated actor, writer, producer, and director with more than  35 years in the Film and Television business,  has teamed up with long time friend and actor Jason London Together, they have created this wonderful, fictional account of the sordid and criminal under workings in a Gulf Coast town called Blackwater, not far from Biloxi, Mississippi, a town well known for gambling, big money, and short tempers. The Bennington boys are no longer the only ones looking... but they are now being watched.

Pre-production has started and filming will be in the late February March. The Presentation Project has added a few new faces and and a few have become unavailable with other commitments.  Driving the bus will be Steve Wise from Reality Check Entertainment.

Steve brings his 30 years of production and Direction to the table to accommodate the finite size budget and need to be organized. None of this can happen without boots on the ground and relationships.  Wesley Cavins, who is part of the main production unit and a local Mississippi filmmaker, is stepping in to help Steve and the producers make this happen.

Nemec and London are both strongly in support of the independent TV industry. BLACKWATER BLUES has not only received personal financing, but has the full support of the local community.  Full enthusiasm comes from the many local shop owners volunteering their storefronts, the Mayor of Ocean Springs himself, and the incredible support of the Mississippi Film Commission.


With numerous funding opportunities waiting in the wings to see this dark thriller come to life, the team will develop a short introductory version consisting of key moments from the Pilot script and future episodes. This will continue the consistent momentum, and push the project over the edge into full production.

Coming soon will be a hybrid short 15 min version, offering the introduction of characters, setting, cinematic style, and story in a way that will preview the series as a whole.