Blackwater Blues

The ever mysterious plot twists to the Blackwater Blues story telling consistently reveals more questions that answers, but in a way that is both captivating and entertaining. In a town that’s held together by secrets, two ex-con brothers become the unforeseeable bringers of truth and justice.

The Edgy storytelling of Corin Nemec and Jason London comes to life in the Blackwater Blues project.

A southern story of two off-beat Mississippi brothers who called themselves the BLACKWATER BOYS. Their father was a biker who he died when they were teens, their mom went on to marry a Gulf coast Mafia Boss and wound up being the bookkeeper for an international drug/blackmail operation.

When the brothers were in their early 20’s she suddenly “disappeared” – In Mississippi blood runs thicker than the blackmud and like any family they always stick together. After the boys went on a rampage to find her killer, their reward was a solid 10 in jail.

(Pilot Begins here)
Now out of jail and in their late 30s/early 40s, their grandfather dies leaving them a series of 5 clues that has them convinced will lead to who murdered their mother. They begin a new investigation but uncover all sorts of criminal activity going on around the quiet town of BLACKWATER. Being nosy draws the attention of the Biloxi Hannibals and their iron fisted female leader. As each clue is crossed off, the mystery reveals a lot of missing money, stolen drugs and CIA involvement on the highest levels. Who really is running the Gulf Coast underground?