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Corin Nemec is an Emmy nominated actor, writer, producer, and director with more than 100 projects under his belt across his 35 years in the Film and Television business. Corin has teamed up with long time friend and actor Jason London, also with more than 100 Film and Television credits to his name. Together, they have created this wonderful, fictional account of the sordid and criminal under-workings in a Gulf Coast town called Blackwater, not far from Biloxi, Mississippi, a town well known for gambling, big money, and short tempers.



Corin Nemec and Jason London are Pollux and Castor Bennington, two ex-cons who grew up around biker gangs and the notorious Gulf Coast Mafia. They are left with a series of cryptic clues as a final parting gift when their grandfather, Poppy Bennington, dies of old age. Upon finding this map to their mother, they set off on a twisted, and sometimes amusing investigation which opens up old wounds and reveals new mysteries.





Nemec and London are both strongly in support of the independent TV industry. BLACKWATER BLUES has not only received personal financing, but has the full support of the local community. They have successfully brought together an incredible group of talented local Mississippi filmmakers and actors. Full enthusiasm comes from the many local shop owners volunteering their storefronts, the Mayor of Ocean Springs himself, and the incredible support of the Mississippi Film Commission.

Unfortunately, a portion of funding fell through just ahead of the scheduled principle photography start date of November 16. Now, with large personal investments already at stake, the Production team consisting of Benjamin Easterday (The EV Entertainment & Production Group, Los Angeles) as well as local co-producer Brad Jay, must seek rapid solutions.

With numerous funding opportunities waiting in the wings to see this dark thriller come to life, the team will develop a short introductory version consisting of key moments from the Pilot script and future episodes. This will continue the consistent momentum, and push the project over the edge into full production.

Shooting the Pilot Presentation is a proven model for success, Corin Nemec experienced this when he and actor David Faustino, along with Seinfeld writer/producer Sam Kass, put up their own money to shoot a presentation for a comedy series titled “STAR-VING.” The series successfully and quickly sold to SONY TV which produced 12 episodes right away.


With your help, this can again be the case, delivering a proof-of-concept that is undeniable. With the full first season, as well as a five-season arc laid out, there is stellar crew ready to go, a town in full support, two known actors with decades of experience, and a storyline that will keep your head spinning from beginning to end.

With the incredible combined years of experience among those leveraged deeply in the project, there is a high level of certainty of the outcome of this Pilot Presentation. All that is now lacking is the final funding to provide quality production to move forward independently. It will give you, the audience, a true keyhole view into the deadly, mysterious, and often strange world of BLACKWATER BLUES.

The goal of this fundraiser is to allow the production and success of this short version, offering the introduction of characters, setting, cinematic style, and story in a way that will preview the series as a whole. Taking advantage of all the work that has already gone into the full project, this backing will also ensure production, on a smaller scale, within the original time frame.

When it comes to television and film financing and support, proof of concept is most important. Not being able to show what is hidden in the 2D pages of a screenplay adds a huge level of complexity to bringing a TV show to air. In a few short minutes, you can experience on film what to expect from the entire series; a show that will keep you guessing at every turn and have you certain that you have solved the crime when only the writers and creators know the nearly impossible to guess truth.

The Production Team has worked tirelessly, contributing not only personal finances, but extremely valuable time and energy. This is a chance, with your help, to help push BLACKWATER BLUES over the finish line and to fruition. It is not every day you can  tell a friend or neighbor you were instrumental in getting a television series off the ground!


To finance the introductory segment, with a potential running time of 10 minutes, requirements are firm. In addition to pre- and post-production days, the team anticipates a three-day shoot to include the Director, camera team, and all other filming crew. Considering editing, sound design, and SFX, a goal of $15,000 dollars is set.

With your support, production can continue and remain on track to deliver a condensed, introductory video (sizzle reel) shot as any professional TV show would be, helping realize full production of BLACKWATER BLUES before the end of 2020.

Although it would serve as a setback not taking advantage of the current enthusiasm for the project, the team is fully prepared to shoot a simpler version in the event the projected goal is not met. This shorter, more commercial style teaser will serve to introduce as many of the primary characters and locations as possible. Regardless of fundraising outcome, no amount will go to waste.

There will be perks for investors! These rewards will be scaled according to the level of support to include such experiences as; walk on parts, Producer credits, set visits, and/or social dinner with Jason London & Corin Nemec. Other items such as autographed scripts, headshots, and TV posters will also be set aside as thank you gifts for supporters at various levels.

If you are not able to help with a donation, we welcome you to join the support team by helping get the word out. Share this campaign with those you think would be interested, follow and amplify the official BLACKWATER BLUES social media sites, and be part of the community that will grow out of this! Indiegogo offers convenient sharing tools here to make every click count.

That said, with your support, the team here at BLACKWATER BLUES will help introduce the world to the ever mysterious, endlessly dangerous, and darkly secretive town of Blackwater, Mississippi. A place where two brothers (Jason London, Corin Nemec) will stop at nothing to solve the murder/disappearance of their beloved mother, and in so doing, reveal a web of corruption so deep in could go all the way to Washington, D.C.

Thank you all for your interest and your time! Much love, and God bless!

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